Management Team

Listed below are DuConsult management team, with details of their role, experience and background.

Henrik Pedersen
Co-founder and partner

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Business Development, Go-To marked, Start-Up’s, Personal Coaching, and Sales Training
English and Danish

Have more than 26 years professional experience primarily in the IT industry where I have achieved superior results and as award-winning salesperson.

I have a solid experience in sales and management. I have for many years focused on developing clients’ business, so that they could use their investments optimally primarily in B to B segment.

Besides a strong experience in sales and its processes, I have accumulated considerable experience in working with people, both as a sales consultant / partner and as a coach in relation to employees, customers and partners. And to develop relationships with customers and partners is paramount.

It is important to me that my work makes a difference whether it’s about people or payback on investment.
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Paul Erik Pedersen Partner

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Project management, Business Development and help to Software Development
English and Danish

Software developer since 1971

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Svitlana Sukhova Co-founder and Partner (CEO)

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Personal Coaching, Recruiting, specialize in Spanish speaking countries/market.
English, Spanish, Russian and Ukrainian.
Experience in strategic market development
Strong organizational and interpersonal skills
Absolute dedication to corporate objectives
High capacity in adaptation to new business context